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Things that inspire, embarrass me or just make me plain jealous. 21 Oklahoma

Makeup at Dior S/S 2009

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Kayne West at Paris fashion week #photography #pfw #pfw14


thankful for friends who share there secret places with me.

Vertical Fears

Ain’t nothin’ bout this town that I like
Ain’t nothin’ gonna keep me here
Think I’ll vanish in the middle of the night
Take my records, leave my rear-view mirror
Ain’t nothin’ gonna be alright
If I stay here

I still see you with my eyes closed tight
Branded memory from all those years
Spent dancing in the middle of the night
Horizontal, from our vertical fears
Ain’t nothing gonna be alright
If I stay here


the motto

Learn it. Live it.

Hey! I'm highly interested in a job involving public speaking and motivation. What would be the best course of action in order to achieve a career like that? Thank you in advance for the insight, if you do read an answer this.


I have no idea. 


Ada Blackjack

American Designer Verena Michelitsch has created the idenity for Ada Blackjack, handcrafted bags, made in Barcelona by Ivonne Schippers. The brand is inspired by Ada Blackjack, an Inuit woman who was the heroic and sole survivor of a two year expedition on the uninhabited Wrangel Island in northern Siberia. 

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5 Questions for 100 Designers


Designer Yevgeny Yermakov features tiny interviews with designers asking them all the same five questions

The project is based on one main principle. The less useless words, the better. The goal is to give readers as much useful  information as possible. Less is more.

Great free advice/insight from established designers. 

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